Benjamin Melvin Roseland

Last seen in Clinton, Iowa on February 9, 2008

One Year Anniversary

 Ben's family and friends marked the one year anniversary of Ben's disappearance with a prayer vigil.

Click here to view the vigil program.

A Letter from Ben's Family

Person Unknown:

We are not writing this just for Ben, but for that one person who knows where he is and what happened to him.

If there was an accident, please find it in your heart to tell us where he is so we can find him.  Not knowing is so painful; everyday that goes by leaves our hearts crying out "Where are you, Ben?"

Please leave a message with the police about his location (563-243-1458).  We desperately need to know.  Our lives will always be in stress until we find our Ben.  We BEG of you, PLEASE!

The Family of Benjamin Melvin Roseland

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